Monday, 23 April 2018

Rosary on the Coast: This Sunday!

Rosary on the Coast
for Faith, Life and Peace in the British Isles

Sunday 29 April 2018 at 3pm

Lots of locations already planned! (Website has a map.)
The website carries many endorsements from our bishops including this from Bishop John Keenan:

Please join in if you possibly can and please publicize this.

Saturday, 14 April 2018

Mass readings in Scots: Fourth Sunday of Easter

First reading
Acts 4: 8-12

Than Petir was fillit with the Haligaast, and said to thame, "Ye princis of the pepile, and ye eldermen, here ye. Gif we this day be demyt in the gude dede of a seekman, in quham this man is made saaf, be it knawne to you all, and to al the pepile of Israel, that in the name of Jesu Crist of Nazareth, quham ye crucifijt, quham God raasit fra dede, in this this man standis hale before you. This is the staan, quhilk was repreuit of you biggand, quhilk is made in to the hede of the cornel (or conye); and hele is nocht in ony vthir. For nouthir vthir name vndir heuen is gevin to men, in quhilk it behuvis vs to be made saaf."

[From The New Testament in Scots Murdoch Nisbet [c.1520] (1905) vol 3 here]

Responsorial Psalm
117: 1, 8-9, 21-23, 26, 28, 29.

O gie thanks untill the Lord, for he is guid;
becaus his mercie induurs forevir.
It is better til trust in the Lord
nor til pit confydedence in man.
It is better til trust in the Lord
nor til pit confydedence in princes.

I wull prayse thee; for thou hest heærd me,
an' hest becum my salvatione.
The stane whilk the buuldirs despæiset
hæs becum the heæd stane o' the kornir.
This is the Lord's doin';
it is mervellous in our eyne.

Blisset be he that cums
in the næme o' the Lord;
we hae blisset yow owt o' the hous o' the Lord.
Thou art my God, an' I wull prayse thee;
thou art my God, I wull eksalt thee.
O gie thanks untill the Lord, for he is guid;
for his mercie induurs forevir.

[From Psalm 118, The Book of Psalms in Lowland Scots Henry Scott Riddell (1857) here]

Second reading
1 John 3: 1-2

Se ye quhat manir charitee the fadir gaue to vs,
that we be namet the sonnis of God,
and be his sonnis.
For this thing the warld knew nocht vs,
for it knew nocht him.
Maast dere brethir, now we ar the sonnis of God,
and yit it apperit nocht, quhat we salbe.
We wate, that quhen he sal appere,
we salbe like him,
for we sal se him as he is.
[From The New Testament in Scots Murdoch Nisbet [c.1520] (1905) vol 3 here]

Gospel reading
John 10: 11-18

[Jesus said:]

"I am a gude schepehird;
a gude schepehird gevis his lif for his schepe.
Bot ane hyret hyne, and that is nocht the schepehird,
quhais ar nocht the schepe his awn,
seis a wolf cummand, and he levis the schepe, and fleis;
and the wolf ravisis and disparpilis the schepe.
And the hyret hyne fleis,
for he is ane hyret hyne,
and it pertenis nocht to him of the schepe.
I am a gude schephird,
and I knaw my schepe,
and my schepe knawis me.
As the fader has knawn me,
I knaw the fadere;
and I put my lif for my schepe.
I haue vthir schepe,
that ar nocht of this fald,
and it behuvis me to bring thame togiddire,
and thai sal here my voce;
and it salbe made aa fald and aa schephird.
Tharfor the fader luvis me,
for I put my lif,
that eftsone I tak it.
Na man takis it fra me,
bot I put it of my self.
I haue powere to put it,
and I haue powere to tak it agane.
This comande I haue takin of my fadere."

[From The New Testament in Scots Murdoch Nisbet [c.1520] (1903) vol 2 here]

Mass readings in Scots: Third Sunday of Easter

Gospel reading
Luke 24: 35-48

And thai tald quhat thingis war done in the way, and how thai knew him in breking of brede.

And the quhile thai spak thir thingis, Jesus stude in the middis of thame, and said, "Pece to yow; I am, will ye nocht drede." But thai war affrait and agast, and gessit thame to se a spirit. And he said to thame, "Quhat ar ye troubilit? and thouchtis cummis vp into your hartis? Se ye my handis and my feet, for I am my self. Feel ye, and se ye; for a spirit has nocht flesch and baanis, as ye se that I haue." And quhen he had said this thing, he schewit handis and feet to tham. And yit quhile thai beleuet nocht, and wonndrit for ioy, he saide, "Haue ye here ony thing that salbe eten?" And thai offrit to him a part of fisch rostit, and ane hony came. And quhen he had eten before thame, he tuke that that left, and gave to thame.

And said to thame, "Thir ar the wordis that I spak to you, quhen I was yit with yow, for it is nede that all thingis be fulfillit that ar writin in the law of Moyses, and in prophetis, and in psalmes, of me." Than he opnyt to thame wit, that thai suld vndirstande scripturis, and he said to thame, "For thus it is writtin, and thus it behuvit Crist to suffir, and ryse agane fra deid in the thrid day: and pennance and remissioun of synnis to be prechit in his name into al folkis, begynnand at Jerusalem. And ye ar witnessis of thir thingis."

[From The New Testament in Scots Murdoch Nisbet [c.1520] (1901) vol 1 here]